Tall tales and secret lines, Brahmaputa, India

Our expedition to the mighty Brahmaputra takes us into the tribal landscape of  North India when the river, the myth and legend of hidden falls, cuts its course.

We offer this as a kayak only expedition or a premier raft supported descent – contact us for dates/deals and full schedule.

Kayak/Raft £1800/(2000 with bonus in Delhi (see bold))

Private dates, DEC




-1 arrive and Delhi hotel

Day 1: Fly Delhi to Dibrugarh, overnight at Hotel

Day 2: Dibrugarh to Pasighat by ferry, overnight at Hotel
Day 3-4: Dibrugarh to Tuting drive, overnight guest house/camp
Day 5: Rest day at Tuting, visit Tuting monastry and tribal village, overnight camp
Day 6: Raft from Tuting to Pango. Overnight camp
Day 7: Raft Pango to Cherring. Overnight camp
Day 8: Raft Cherring to Alubadi. Overnight camp
Day 9: Raft Alubadi to Geku. Overnight camp
Day 10: Rest day or a short raft trip to move camp. Overnight camp
Day 11: Raft to Rotung. Overnight camp
Day 12: Raft Rotung to Pasighat. Overnight camp
Day 13: Pasighat to Dibrugarh by ferry. Overnight hotel
Day 14: Board flight/train for on wards journey
Day 15 Delhi day +1
Day 16 leave +2

We also run bespoke packages for kayak only groups. featuring Lohit/Siang as a self support multi day. FROM £1500 with all base/ road/ferry logistics/exped food/permits and accommodation from main airport. Select boat hire. Some private and some local transport

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