Bespoke sessions across the UK

Chris wanted to push his limits, he wanted more from his kayaking. His peer group had slowed – marriage and kids had made his friends stop kayaking. Chris still wanted more. He ached for the fast water, for the heart beat and fun. He loved his days with the Pure Land team – always something new – never the same. He was learning about group dynamics, leadership and having real fun. Krishna a computer sales man from Delhi also ached for adventure, he had some a kayak school before but his passion was burning for more. He too found a sense of adventure and pushed is personal goals with the team at Pure Land Expeditions.

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Our packages are not simply a basic Classic Kayak School.

Darren and the Pure Land Expeditions team also offer a unique river guiding service. These are private small workshops featuring a 1:1 package and where needed a 1:2 guide ratio, – that’s right two guides for each paddler. These help build quality time in the flow and are structured for each paddler. 1:1 package £145 per person per day, BOOK FOR A WEEKEND at £275 for 1:1.

Our river days are never the same, we flex and bend the schedule to develop the group dynamic and personal goals. Want to make smoother turns in class 3, that fine. Looking to move up the grades, class 5 style? perfect. Fancy a looking at safety skills, no issue. Ask and we can work a package that suits you.

Introduced in 2022 we are now offering sessions around building confidence  We know you are all amazing. We know life gets in the way. We know life can be harder than it needs to be. We knoe fun should stay fun.

All our guides work within the remit of British standard 8848, BCU, AKC, NARA, IRF and HRGA.

Contact for details.


Himalayan Classic Kayak Class available in our prestige range.

Marsyandi, still a great river.

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