These half-day workshops are centered around Fear and Confidence – what our perception of fear means and how we can adjust our thought process to stay within our baseline behaviors, understanding our peaks and our escalation. Darren uses scenarios and classroom-based work to examine our comfort zones and perceptions. We must understand our own experience and how we interact. We must understand what truth we tell ourselves along with what lies we tell.

The workshop is designed around the needs of groups, peers and organizations who are actively looking to move from the comfort zones they have to pastures new.

Your talk was an inspiration and what you do is obviously a result of inner change. (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (Europe))

Private groups only – 4 people minimum – contact

Darren runs this workshop on a ‘Karma Payment’ System. We ask for no funds to book a session, you pay only for what you get out of the session*

Bill Mattos – professional extreme sports person and writer on all things outdoors – CEO of one of the world’s leading kayaking brands for over twenty years – writes.

I first met Darren through his kayaking in the 1990’s and have subsequently worked with him on a number of projects. Even as a young man, he had an unusually clear view of the world and stood out from his peers with his calm, unintrusive and self-contained approach. This, combined with his exceptional ability as a paddler, has led him, quietly and without fuss, to deliver life-changing experiences to his many clients, and finally to a rare pinnacle of personal achievement in solo extreme kayaking.

To hear Darren speak about his adventures is to marvel at the unassuming nature of the man who, while deliberately humbled by nature, is never tamed by it. He delivers a delightful antidote to the all too common life-coaching style of “wanting it” and “owning it” and shows that teamwork and self-belief can be built upon much more sustainable foundations. I recommend his inspirational presentation style to people from all walks of life. You cannot fail to be empowered by it.




For over a decade Darren has been exploring the rivers of the Himalaya, taking with him a trusted copy of White Water Nepal. Now on its third edition Peter Knowles teamed up with Darren to do a full rewrite and edit the text. The Third Edition of White Water Nepal by Peter Knowles and Darren Clarkson-King is available. A print book on kayaking in Ladakh region of India is also available.


We are also pleased to announce that Riding The Tears Of Everest is now available as a softback classic copy. This was Darren’s first book, the story of his trips to the Arun and Dudh Kosi that fall from Everest. His recent solo trip to these rivers is documented and shows some of the magic of the experience.

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