Altai, Russia

Anton loved the wild rivers and the feeling of nature. He loved the falls,the clear blue flow. It was why he paddled in Russia. It was love. It was a romance. His loaded boat danced with the wave, he was alive in the moment.


This is a unique trip, not offered by any other provider.

This is a classic Class 4+.  It is a Total Self Support Expedition, where we run small groups only. You must be a proficient KAYAKER throughout the trip.

We offer some flex with the schedule for group dynamics.



Day 1. Arriving in Novosibirsk, driving to Altai Republic.
Day 2. Ursul river. Сlass 3. Day run. Continuous boulder garden.
Day 3. Katun river. Huge water class 3 – 3+. Day run. Pool drop.
Day 4. Driving to Chuya valley. Lower Chuya.
Day 5. Middle Chuya. Class 3-4 bigwater roadside run.
Day 6. Driving to Bashkays river, Saratan gorge, class 3(4) committing
Day 7. Driving to Chulichman
Day 8. Middle Chulishman. Class 3-4 (5) self support expedition. Continuous boulder gardens
Day 9. Middle Chulishman. One big portage (1 – 1.5 hours) around big class 5 “Kasha” rapid
Day 10. Kurkure river, short and very steep waterfall run (6 meters high slide, 2, 5 and 9 m falls). Class 4. Hike in one hour
Day 11. Lower Chulishman. Class 3+ – 4 big water pool drop.
Day 12. Trekking Uchar waterfall (100m high in beautiful valley), 6hr.
Day 13. Emergency day
Day 14. Driving to Novosibirsk, departure

Accommodation: mostly camping

Food: We will cook food as a group, few simple restaurants are also possible

Included, all logistic, all food and cook gear on expedition (not in restaurant), all camping charges as needed. Guides, drivers

Minimum 4 people

£1335 per person


Best time from mid. July  – private groups only.


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