Pure Kayak Expeditions, Remote & Challenging, Nepal


Our Pure Kayak Expeditions Remote and Challenging series run to our clients needs and wants.


We will never do schedule departures for these two week trips (14 days Ktm/Ktm), as each group is different.

All expeditions are self supported.

You must be a class 4/4+ paddler.

Dates, March-May, Nov


Thule Bheri from £2275 per person


All the above expeditions have free bolt on rivers Tamba/Bhote/Marsyandi to build skill levels or as a cool down


Classic Multi River from £1975 , we tailor the rivers to the group and feature classic sections of the Trisuli, Marsyandi, Balephi and Kali Gandaki on this self supported option. Raft support option on this expedition and longer time frames can be offered.

Dates, March-May, Nov

You must be class 3/4 paddler

Sample schedule for our Classic 10 day Multi River, Best of Nepal would be as such; We tailor this to each private group.


1 Arrive collection from Airport and transfer to Hotel

2 Early breakfast and drive to Trisuli class3/4 full day adventure and onward drive to Pokhara, stay Hotel

3 Drive to Kali Gandaki 3/4/4+ self supporting camp

4 Kali Gandaki reach take out, Return to Pokhara

5 Rest/sights in am and Upper Seti 4 in afternoon– Hotel Pokhara

6 Early start to lower Marsyandi  3/4 return local lodge

7 Upper Marsyandi 4 return to Kathmandu

8 Upper Sun Kosi/Lower 2/3Bhote stay Tunibote Resort

9 Balephi river 3 – stay Hotel Ktm

10 Sights leave

Trips are flexi and we may change river upgrade/down grade to work with group ability.

This trip works amazing with our Bhutan packages 


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