Nepal:- Rebuilding and Exploring.

Nepal:- Rebuilding and Exploring.

On the 25th of April 2015, a massive earthquake devastated some areas of Nepal, killing over 8,000 people and destroying millions of homes, hospitals and schools. So many of you donated money that we were able to raise thousands of pounds to help in the immediate humanitarian crisis that followed. Thank you again to EVERYONE who sent money, knowing that we were in Nepal ourselves and would make sure that every penny went directly to people most in need.

In response to the many people who have asked us how they can help with the enormous task of rebuilding, here is our newly created trip that is strictly NOT FOR PROFIT, and allows people who want to physically help rebuild to come to Nepal and do exactly that. There are 2 ways that people who care about this beautiful Himalayan country can step up:-

  1. Help us build. In the remote mountainous areas of Nepal some villages experienced up to 90% destruction of their homes, and after the second earthquake on May 12th, even fewer survived intact. Now that the immediate humanitarian need has abated, aid agencies, NGO’s and the Nepali government itself are focusing on replacing houses, schools and communal buildings, and the task facing them is enormous. Despite the large numbers of money donated by other countries, the UN are reporting that the short fall compared to the numbers actually needed is serious. While small groups can’t possibly make a real difference alone, there are many of us. People from charities and even armed forces that we met advised us, and all the many small groups who are raising money and working on the ground, to keep doing what we are. This is listening to our Nepali collegues and helping to build houses for the most needy. Through our friends at the newly created NGO ‘The Mandala Organisation’, we have been able to work with specific villages, in the most affected places. The teams are rebuilding environmentally friendly, earthquake proof houses for families who would struggle to manage alone. Older people, families who have experienced significant losses to the earthquakes, those sick or impaired in some way, need physical help as well as financial to put up a very simple, one roomed structure for themselves and their livestock.

  1. Come to Nepal as a visitor, and travel in the unspoiled and ancient mountainous country that is still very much an adventure travellers paradise. Tourism is a crucial part of the Nepali economy, and Nepal needs the many thousands of visitors that come to and fall in love with her every year to continue rafting, trekking, climbing, sightseeing and experiencing this unique and dramatically beautiful country. Despite the damage done by the 2 earthquakes this spring, much of Nepal was untouched. Ancient monuments have been lost for ever, and many old buildings were destroyed in the capital city of Kathmandu, but many more remain. Nepal is still the home of most of the worlds 8,000m plus mountains, including the sacred Annapurna and Everest. And of course the rivers are as stunning, varied and exciting as ever. So one way of contributing to Nepal’s recovery is to come and visit, meet hill tribespeople, buy handicrafts from the many refugee Tibetan communities whose home is now in Nepal, stay in the many hotels and eat in the restaurants, both 5 star and simple village food.

Pure Land Expeditions are inviting you to spend 10 days with us in Nepal, working in the Sindhupalchok region, one of the worst affected areas.The trip will include sightseeing in Kathmandu, a chance to camp beside a river in a luxury resort, one days rafting on the world famous Bhote Kosi river, and the other days will be spent working alongside villagers rebuilding homes. The projects are being overseen by Nepali people who received training in constructing safe houses from available resources, and you will be part of building new homes from the ground up, and also the schools.

The valleys are beautiful, the people resilient and reknowned for their warmth and hospitality. This trip is 100% NOT FOR PROFIT, so the price only covers the overheads. This includes airport collection, hotels, trip taxi’s and jeeps, food while in the river camp and all excursions. The balance will go straight to The Manadala Organisation and it’s commitment to rebuilding one house at a time.

Give your time to Nepal this autumn, and Nepal will give you back a taste of the beauty, grandeur and pleasure in store for her visitors. We know you will want to come back again and again.


Day 1- Arrive in Kathmandu, collection from the airport. Hotel in Boudhanath overlooking the

famous stupa.

Day 2- Sightseeing in and around Kathmandu (Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Ghats,

Swayambunath Temple etc).

Day 3- Jeep ride to Sukute Beach river resort. Settling in, camping in safari tents, music, wifi,

swimming pool, bar and home cooked locally sourced food on the banks of the Bhote Kosi


Day 4- Building with local villagers. Stay again in Sukute Beach resort.

Day 5- Building in villages away from the road, short trek.

Day 6- Day off, rafting trip on the Bhote Kosi river. Spend the night camping in the resort.

Day 7- Building in a remote village. Jeep ride and trek to a village in the hills.

Day 8- Building homes. Last night at Sukute Beach resort, barbeque and bonfire.

Day 9- Return to Kathmandu. Opportunities for sightseeing, shopping for Nepali and Tibetan made

handicrafts,carpets, Gurka ‘kukuri’ knives and much more.

Day 10 – Taxi back to the airport.

Cost: £925

Dates: flexi dates throughout he spring and fall season

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