Earthquake 25/04/15 How we fund rebuilds.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL OF YOU INCREDIBLE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL DONATING TO HELP EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS IN NEPAL:- We now have a pay pal account just for donations. PLEASE keep sending what you can, to We are sending your donations direct to the not for profit NGO, The Mandala Organization , Disaster Help Foundation Nepal, to build houses, schools and support isolated and vulnerable communities in the remotest regions of Nepal. THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO HAVE SENT MONEY, you are making a real difference to people who have lost everything. If you have questions just ask.


On 25-04-15 Nepal suffered a huge Earthquake. Lives were lost and destruction huge, in effected areas over 95%.

Through our network of guides and colleagues we were able to put in place grass roots aid, well before official channels arrived.

This is what followers on social media said

Our grassroots aid and positive thoughts are ALL getting through to the Nepalese people.
Darren Clarkson-King, Andrea Clarkson-King and the top team reached Kodari today.
That’s the really great news.
The really bad news is the situation they drove into.
Kodari is 95% wiped out.
Similar to Kathmandu, there’s a sanitation crisis in Kodari.
Daz has bought Sanitation Kits and these have all been distributed. However, Daz needs to give out more to try to stave off a total sanitation crisis in Kodari and villages like Kodari.
Please help in any way possible, a very small donation or perhaps you can get a Money Box for Nepal going?
Please donate whatever you can comfortably spare using PayPal:
Ref: ‘Quake’
‪#‎grassrootsaid‬ ‪#‎hope‬

People have donated via paypal mark the payment ‘quake.

As media fades away we still work hard for the future, rebuiliding houses, schools and making a food supply chain.

Ask questions if needed, but be assured we know where each and every donation is going.


Darren and Andrea

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