IRF – Zanskar

IMG_105010th Aug Zanskar Raft/Kayak – £1275

We are offering a full IRF course as a bolt on to our Zanskar trip for an additional £150 – amazing value. – £1425

Pure Land Expeditons International Rafting Federation Guide Workshop Zanskar river India 2015
We will be adapting our standard Zanskar descent to included.
Introductions Registration & Paperwork.
The IRF guide & safety craft award scheme.
Personal & Customer equipment.
Safety talks raft & Safety craft.
On the water guide personal rafting & kayaking techniques. Paddling commands, reading the water , Rapid running, scouting, ferry glides, eddy in/out crew communication.
Evening land based rope work basic knot tying, Round turn 2 half hitches, Bowline, Water knot, clove hitch, Belay knot, Figure of 8 Family, sheet bend.
Safety talks continued.
On the water Am continuation of guiding skills.
Kayak based swimmer rescues.
On the water PM swimming and rescue skills using the speech, reach, row, throw, go principle.
Throw bag test.
Evening land based. Anchor tying, Progress capture techniques, Mechanical advantage workshop.
Scenario management.
2&4 point tethered rescues.
Tensioned diagonals.
Shallow water crossings.
Dealing with pinned rafts &kayaks.
Mechanical advantage test.
Moving over steep land.Trip leader assessments & scenarios.
Safety kayak carnage workshop.
Flip drills.
Written paper.

We will also have:

Trip leader assessments continued.
Extra training if needed.
Course close.

The main assessment areas for the week will include the following.
Must have an up to date logbook or experience letter.
First Aid certificate including cpr.
Must be able to deliver a full raft or safety craft safety talk.
Must be able to raft or kayak in a safe professional meaner on the chosen grade of water & be able to communicate with customers and fellow guides in a clear manner.
Must be able to complete a challenging swim on the chosen grade of water
Must complete a throwbag exercise.
Must be able to build a functioning 3;1 or 4;1 mechanical advantage system in 5 minutes using your own equipment.
Must be able to flip and re flip a raft as per the IRF flip drill in 2 minutes or less.
Must score more that 80% on the IRF written test.
Must pay the IRF admin fees.

All guides need to bring the following on the course.
PFD ideally a rescue PFD with a internal chest harness
Whitewater helmet
Flip line & caribeaners
Equipment needed to build a functioning 3;1 mechanical advantage system
Personal paddling clothing/wet/dry suit

The week will belong and intensive. We will be in the water lots. We will also have rest time, personal time in Leh and cultural tours if required. We will be tired & cold at times. But we will all learn so much from each other.


Day outline

10 Aug. Day 1 – Fly Delhi – Leh (3466m ; 11,370ft) not part of trip costs. Transfer/Overnight hotel.

Day 2 – Leh. Acclimatise and sightseeing. For the more energetic a visit to a few monasteries such as Shey, Thikse and Hemis will be arranged. Or choose to relax and walk into Leh town, to its exciting market and outdoor restaurants. Overnight Leh hotel. Course brief.

Day 3 – Drive Leh – Kargil (3201m ; 10500 ft ; 9-10 hrs). We drive from Leh to Mulbek – Kargil, through a spectacular moonscape. We drive over the Fotu La (14,000 ft),mountain pass and exit the Indus valley. Lamayuru monastery belonging to the ‘Red Hat’ sect is a highlight. Overnight Kargil hotel.

Day 4 – Drive Kargil – Rangdum (12,000ft). A spectacular drive past Panikar and Parkachik,with magnificent views of the Nun and Kun massifs (7000 metres),hanging glaciers and large meadows. We drive till Rangdum Gompa (12,000 ft). Camp overnight.

Day 5 – Drive Rangdum – Remala (3635m ; 11,925ft ; 6 hrs). We drive to Remala, which is the starting point for the rafting trip on the Stod river, a tributary of the Zanskar river. We drive over the Pensi La (14,500 ft), which enables grand views of the Zanskar peaks at the bottom of which is the Drung Durung glacier that feeds the Zanskar river, 40 km below, into which we flow trip the next day. Overnight tented camp.

Day 6 – Expedition begins at Remala. On the water until Karsha Gompa, near Padum. (3496m ; 11,466ft  We journey 30 km in 4-5 hrs which includes a break for lunch and hot beverages. We are surrounded by 6000 metre high peaks. River section today includes a Class II section, a good introduction for first timers as well as to the river in general. Settle into camp by afternoon, we can take an optional hike to Karsha Gompa.

Day 7 – After a late morning start, we raft from Karsha to Honyo / Pidmo (3361m ; 11,025 ft ; 3 hrs). This stretch is approximately 25 km with Class II and III rapids. Another easy day to get used to the river, the altitude and hone our paddling skills.

Day 8 – After packing camp, we raft 25 km to Nyerak (3286m ; 10,780ft ; 3 hrs) a Class III/IVsection. The gorge narrows in on the river – this indeed is a Grand Canyon in its own right. We stop for the day to pitch camp in a gorge below Nyerak village.

Day 9 – Rest day at Nyerak. Take a hike to Nyerak village or relax under the cool shade of the willows at our Campsite. Wash up at the campsite stream and enjoy the day off. Land rope work

Day 10 – Today is 35 km rafting section takes us from Nyerak to Lamaguru (3190m ; 10,465ft ; 5-6 hrs including scout and lunch) through the core of the Zanskar A classic white water day with continuous Class III/IV rapids, and a few Class IV rapids with bite, where the river squeezes between a gap of about 18ft. We stop for lunch near a huge waterfall and continue to camp at the confluence of Markha river with the Zanskar. Rock formations, spires and an amazing palette of colours add to the trip today. Camp.

Day 11 – We raft 40 kms of Class III/IV white water from Lamaguru to Nimu (3154m;10,345 ft ; 3-4 hrs) today. We raft past the village of Chilling and exciting rapids as the Zanskar plunges out of the canyon to meet with the Indus at Nimu. We end our trip at the confluence of the Zanskar with the Indus. Stay resort.

Day 12 – (bolt on Indus is possible) Final exam and hotel in Leh

Day 13 – Transfer to Leh airport. Fly Leh – Delhi.


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