Our season, our life


Our seasons are our lives, spring is Nepal, when the rain of monsoon sets in andwe pack up and move on to the high paths of India, first off to the Ganga, to rafts and yoga in Rishikesh then the city of Leh becomes our base.




The raging water of the Indus, the climb at Stok and the hidden places within the Zanskar gorge. As winter sets in on this Tibetan culture we head back to Nepal.



2013-11-02 16.58.00

Poon Hill, kayak schools, raft adventures and Hindu beliefs. Its back to India for December and then the cycle begins again. At each stop we train and build the sports at a grass roots level. We know that without a grass roots arena for growth the passion for these kind of adventures will fade. As a company we are lucky, we know its a lifestyle job that few have the chance for. Due to this we know that what we do matters and we pride ourselves on the offering premier trips in these lands of adventure. Opening doors for experiences of a lifetime. From the classic Zanskar and Sun Kosi river expeditions to the treks and motorbike tours the journey never ends. We welcome each and every one of our guests as friends who join us for adventures. We know you will love been part of these unique expeditions and with a breathtaking arrangement of location and activity choices now is the time to explore.


nepal tuna


Oh and we also sell Waka kayaks.


We all look forward to seeing you soon.

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