Splish, Splosh, Splash

Our famous Nepal Multi River Schedule features classic Himalayan river descents guided by experienced international guides and includes all logistics, expedition foods, lodges/hotels and transfers. It is suitable to all kayakers who love adventure and love to explore. Our spring trip is ideal for class3 and 4 kayakers looking to spread their wings.

Cost per person £1200, deposit £200

Bhote Kosi, Ian Ganderton

Tip starts – 5th April

Day 1 We will collect you from the airport in Kathmandu and rush you to your base hotel in Thamel district Kathmandu, time to soak in the culture and visit the temples, or sit with a beer and watch the sun dip below the Himalayan sky.

Day 2 Trisuli class 3+ We will leave the chaos of Kathmandu stopping for breakfast on our route to the river. Arriving at the Trisuli river for lunch time we spend the afternoon kayaking and getting to grips with Himalayans water. We will stay in Fishling village overnight (beach camping) and eat in local homestay.

Day 3 Lower Seti 2-3 This is a idyllic river where kingfisher and monkeys play, a perfect introduction to raft supported expeditions

Day 4 Lower Seti 3+ We finish the river as it empties in the Trisuli and head towards Pokhara, to clean clothes and warm showers.

Day 5 Kali Gandaki class 4+. We will journey to this deep gorge after breakfast, this is a very special river and we will make our journey in a raft-supported fashion, running the class 4+ rapids with safety paramount. We will sleep on the first night next to the holy confluence

Day 6 Kali Gandaki

Day 7 Kali Gandaki and return to Pokhara hotel.

Day 8 Morning rest and an afternoon on the classic Upper Seti A great day run with tight lines (3-4) surrounded by white peaks.

Day 9 Marsyandi, Our journey starts with our journey to Besi, We overnight in the hotel (B/B)

Day 10 Marsyandi 3+4. After breakfast we begin our descent from Bhule Bhule. This is class 4 and 4+. Overnight in lodge, evening meal provided

Day 11 Marsyandi 3+, As morning breaks we journey to Paundi and journey down river to the main highway. Return to KTM, Hotel

Day 12 Bhote area upper &balephi as needed a time to paddle in commiting canyons or relaxed class 3+

Day 13 Bhote area retrun to Ktm, a change to revisit the favourite sections of the Sun Kosi, Balephi or Bhote Kosi

Day 14 Sighseeing

Day 15 Fly to host country

Please understand that Nepal is a developing country and that at time we need to change the schedule due to logistics, road closures and landslides.


–             The expedition is fully inclusive whilst on the river, we will provide Hotel and breakfast in Kathmandu/Pokhara. Kayak hire is Free for all trips booked (deposit paid) before 31 Dec 2013. After this Hire cost may vary ($10-$25) depending on model and age. When hiring a boat please bring hip pads and airbags.

Kayak Fleet available from us in Nepal

Everest x2, Large Burn, Small Burn, Speedo, Phat, Spice (m), Bliss, Mamba (m), Nomad (l), gride (l), Rpm, Z.one (l), Whipit, Salto evo, Bazooka (m), Blowfish, Remix79(welded), Charger(welded), Raptor, Overflow. H2 (m), Shiva (l)

Kayak Fleet available in India

Gus, Hoss, Little Joe, Karnali, Phat, Burn(m), Whiplash, Jefe

Kayak Fleet available in UK

Diablo, Salto, Karma, Bazooka


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