Workshop: Build Confidence And Control Fear


Darren has been asked many times to run one of his ‘fear’ workshops down south. So here it is. Places are limited. Email to secure a place.



SAT 7TH DEC 2013





The river doesn’t care about the kayak we ride in, it doesn’t even care about the experience we have, so we must care. We must understand our own experience and how we interact with the river that forms our experience.


Perhaps this is how we can control our understanding of fear and our projections in the flow from the times where we put over selves in the place of fear.

How many times have we, ourselves, witnessed a mini drama, a crisis of thought or a greater crisis only to emerge from the pool fresh and in the ‘now’.




This is land and water based. The day will offer a holistic approach to the moment and the truth we can find in each stroke, each drop of water and each breath. This requires an open mind. We will not be thinking about stroke analysis, its not about that, its about how our unconscious works.


Is it for me? You’re paddling with peers but have mind games and doubt on some features. Perhaps you want to start pushing your grades, know your have the skills but lack confidence. The day will use methods from NLP, Auto Suggestion, Crisis Intervention Therapy and Meditation.


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