Dudh Kosi

We are super excited to be running expeditions for our guests to the mighty Dudh Kosi, the River from Everest.

This excerpt is from RIDING THE TEARS OF EVEREST (1st Edition).

Classed as one of the best multi-day trips anywhere in Nepal if not the world was finish enough as it flowed ever onwards

Since breakfast we have been awaiting this moment. Waved off by the villagers whose hospitality had been unsurpassed. The curried eggs and rice had been a fitting last meal on the river. Evident relief on our faces as our teeth tried to push forward through the long growing beards forcing out a smile. Hope sparkled in our eyes and a relaxed dialogue flowed like the river. In the heat of the morning I had put my waterproof dry top in the back of my boat. Sandwiched under my camera and next to my bag of rescue rope it offered a comfortable backrest if nothing else. I only wore a pair of shorts that were well past new and a smelly thermal top. I no longer wore my T-shirt as I feared that all the dirt and debris was forming its own eco-system. When worn on such a hot day I could feel that the red rash of prickly heat would run down my spine. The thermal was just more comfortable. With the relaxed attire I was pleased that the river held no major rapids, no surprises.

A few quick strokes and the kayak, that had been my beast of burden, turned towards the bank just before the river of Everest ended its path. Grounding my boat on the rocky shore was a relief I jump out of the seat. I knew that this journey is not the true finish of the trip but the Dudh Kosi mingled with the drainage of the Sun Kosi on its way to India.


after the dudh

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