Darren Clarkson-King at PURE LAND EXPEDITIONS supported by a donation of kayaks from Canalside Activity Centre, London, has implemented a scheme in both India and Nepal with the possibility to roll it out to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Learn to kayak with a bonus Safari experience in Nepal
The project started following his solo Kayaking trip to Everest. Berghaus acting as a catalysist – The scheme allows young people in Nepal and India to pick up a paddle and take the first Paddle strokes to a career in the outdoor industry. Through the donation of equipment by Canalside Activity Centre, Pure Land Expeditions along with Elements Adventures Nepal in Kathmandu are supporting the growth of youth paddlers, so that they can grow and develop not just on a personal level but also supply them with skills to widen their world view. Through the kind donations of equipment it has been possible to begin supporting young people in Nepal already offering to pay cost for education, accommodation and living expenses as required. This is a long term plan. It is no short term fix.
Providing skills and education to even just one young person allows them a different future, one away from the rural life. Just one young man or woman from the village who is able to earn money and have a career path outside the village will enable funds to be sent home, for medical supplies, village hydro, clean water etc. Just one person sharing wages means so much for so many.
This is not a charity.

daz 583-1
For more info on the project please consult Darren,
For more info on the work of Canalside Centre contact,

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