New talk dates.

Darren is a adventurer who thinks not about the technique but about the internal, the personal philosophy about why we put ourselves in a place of adventure. Over the last 20 years Darren has explored some of the worlds most challenging rivers, along with countless classic trails. He is a skilled expedition provider and crisis mentor.


In 2012 Darren did what no one has done before, he paddled alone done the rivers of Everest. He was paddling self sufficient on some of the most dangerous rapids on Earth. Now the expedition is over, the ghost in the machine is never at rest,. Explores Connect welcomes Darren to talk about over a decade of Himalayan river running, pushing the boundaries and future expeditions.

Tickets : A donation of £4 on the night

The Black Lion 7.30pm
65 Chapel Street, M3 5HW City of Salford

ALSO 23 MAY KAYAKS NORTH WEST 630 arrive for a 7pm start!

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