A short, all too short, thought on the importance of Crisis.

So I am sat here on the couch, Andrea is upstairs resting in bed after her second full hip operation in less than a year, the water is low in the rivers and my mind is wandering – far off lands call in my dreams.

icebergs and lake

The shifting ice of the great lakes on the Alsek river the bookends that capture the gates vaults of Turnback canyon. I remember it well, remember the rattle snake of a river as it kicked and bucked. It is a memory that will never fade.
Andrea went to surgery fully conscious – in the moment. Not in fear of what was to come but pleased to be made new and fresh – whatever that may mean as the months of learning to use her new hip will take time.

Perhaps this is how we can control our understanding of fear and our projections in the flow from the times where we put over selves in the place of fear. It is the Chinese that have possibly perfected this in a succinct fashion – Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of elements that signify “danger” and “opportunity.” For our purpose this appears to be sufficient. This is to state that only through the notion of a crisis as the birthing pool for change.
How many times have we ourselves witnessed a mini drama, a crisis of thought or a greater crisis only to emerge from the pool fresh and now. How we get to this junction is simple, we allow ourselves the place for Danger, give it an opportunity to appear, this is where change occurs. It is not the flight or fight response we are told it should be – rather it is to fully embrace the change you have allowed.

How we go along the road to allow our thoughts to develop is interesting – for those who want to know more, The workshop at The Dee Fest may suit. If this is of interest – follow the linkBuild Confidence and Control Fear.

The river doesn’t care about the kayak we ride in, it doesn’t even care about the experience we have, so we must care. We must understand our own experience and how we interact with the river that forms our experience. This is land and water based. The day will offer a holistic approach to the moment and the truth we can find in each stroke, each drop of water and each breath. This requires an open mind. We will not be thinking about stroke analysis, its not about that, its about how our unconscious works.

Venue: Tail to town
Duration: FULL DAY
Coach: Daz Clarkson

Is it for me? You’re paddling with peers but have mind games and doubt on some features. Perhaps you want to start pushing your grades, know your have the skills but lack confidence.

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