New Experiences

Our Nepal season is now almost finished, just one Thule Bheri trip left and we are done until 2013. We had a great season, ran some great lines, rode some great tracks, trekked some peaks. It was fun for us and our guests. We just got the following email and it really is one of the best things about running trips to hear about how our guests feel after the adventure.

I suffered from jet lag for at least a week which was very weird having never had the problem before (mainly because I have never been anywhere!)

I had a great time that will stay with me for a very long time.  I signed up for a paddling trip but it was so much more.


I found many things quite demanding.  Mostly the things that at home I take for granted; food; bathrooms etc. The difficult thing was getting my head around the fact that it’s all ok and I just need to get on with it.  On top of this there is the added difficulties of not being a natural camper and accepting that it will take at least an hour to collect wood, light a fire and boil enough water for a cup of tea.

Getting back home and trying to describe Kathmandu is a challenge.  The best I can come up with is sensory overload.  Noise, smell, vision, taste are all pushed to the limit even before you factor in excitement, fear, confusion, anticipation.

Thanks for a great time.  The rivers were obviously fantastic but your natural exuberance for the people and the country rubbed off and it was great to get as close to it as we did.  I’m sure it would be easy to avoid the local cuisine and just stick to the tourist stuff but we would have missed so much.

Hopefully we are all better paddlers for the experience.  I think we all stand a little taller now as we bore people with another tale of ”well when I was out in Nepal and paddling the Bhota Khosi,”

Please pass on our thanks to Adam, Anton and Jamie they all added enormously to the experience.


Best wishes and many thanks again,

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