Monsoon Madness

Dropping like hot cakes, or rather more dropping like the falling rain. We are pleased to be offering our Monsoon Madness trips in Nepal – during Jul/Aug. That’s right we are returning to the swollen rivers of Nepal as the volume increases get ready for a wild ride. This is a full inclusive package, hotels, logistics, food.


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Don’t delay this is set to be the ride of your life, it is such hot news that it has yet to make it to our official schedule. As for the rivers, they will be swollen and running wild, often roads blow out so the outline below is quite flexible.

Mon 16 July Day 1 Leave UK
Tue 17 July Day 2 Arrive Nepal
3 Sights
4 Trisuli
5 Trisuli
6  Seti
7 Kathmandu Rest
8 Upper Sun Kosi
10 sk
11 sk
12 sk
13 sk
14  Kathmandu
15 Leave
16 Home

Kayaks only. (2 spaces left)


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