The 2012 Lecture series takes off with a trip to Explorers  Connect. 


Plymouth Explorers – 1st February 2012

on 1st Feb 2012 Venue: Treasury Café-Bar-Restaurant, Catherine Street, Royal Parade
Entry: £4 (or £15 pa)
Type: Networking


The evening will be very interesting with a topic that hasn’t been explored yet! Our guest speaker Daz is planning to Kayak down Everest, a challenge that should not be undertaken lightly. Daz will be introducing himself and his previous adventure history then taking us through the expedition plan.

This will be a very unique evening for Plymouth Explorers.

This is a great  opportunity to talk to like-minded people; so come along, invite your friends and join our community. Joining will bring you plenty of opportunities and benefits.

Treasury Café-Bar-Restaurant, Catherine Street, Royal Parade,
Plymouth, Devon. PL1 2AD
Wednesday 1st of February from 18:30 until 20:30

The talk will begin at 7pm.

Over the past 20years Darren Clarkson King has kayaked some of the world’s most challenging rivers and countless classic descents. He is a writer and has just finished the text for White Water Nepal (3rd Ed), a guidebook to the rivers of Nepal with Peter Knowles.

For more information about Darren please click here:

To discuss further options please email:

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