To All Prospective Browsers,

For a slight change to our normal blog updates, not that our blog updates are ever ‘normal’, we thought that some shared words would be welcome. Late on a sunday afternoon in November we got this email.

I went on a Pure Land Expeditions guided trip to Nepal and kayaked on the Sun Kosi river.We travelled from near Tibet to not far from India..I am 57 years old and putting it gently in my own mind past my sell by date!. The whole experience Daz and his very special Team gave us was simply outstanding.I like to be original but am happy to use the phrase of what you see and get is exactly what is written on the tin. I could wax lyrical about our experiences but I won’t, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. All I will say that pre match nerves,safety and attention to detail are the very cornerstone of all they do. If you do nothing else in life do yourself a favour and use this lovely Team to open your horizons and experience something uniquethat you will never forget.

Matthew Petre

My guess is that Matt is still living the moments he experienced on the river. For your dreams to come true find the trip of your lifetime at

See you all in the flow


One thought on “To All Prospective Browsers,

  1. Pureland Expeditions has re kindled the passion I have always had for this incredible pursuit. With them my ability was so gently nurtured and strenthened .I have paddled on simple pond to raging river it means nothing. Why.?…because matter how well you propel yourself you are asssesed , Safety ,paramount.
    What really matters, is we all gain from trying, Failure doesn’t exist.
    Pureland’s ethos extends way beyond that.
    Hopefully with an old friend of mine we aim to paddle with Pureland soon. Maybe Zanskar … x

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