River life, Sun Kosi.

The contentment doesn’t come in waves, it is constant. Sitting in Chatra, close to India, we have made yet another trip down the Sun Kosi.

Our aquatic journey starts 11 days earlier, close to Tibet at our riverside camp. It is an expedition that takes us across Nepal. It is not just the rapids that make the expedition a great adventure, its much more. Jungle sounds and village life become a daily event. It is not just a great run for kayakers but rafters too enjoy the run. The pace of life changes, up at dawn to cups of tea in bed, then on the river after breakfast, picnic lunch spots and it is back in the flow. Watching the fishermen at work and the children playing when the rapids ease.

Camp nights are some of the best times, the sand still warm from the days sun, the light breeze and tales of the adventures. In the clear night sky a thousands stars become our duvet. Drifting to sleep and the water laps the sand brining memories of the day.

Before the start of the river journey we all have time to explore the chaos of Kathmandu, giving a great fortnights adventure. From the ancient temples to new shopping malls, Kathmandu never fails to amaze. From classic local places to eat to modern western cafes. Our Pure Land Expeditions trip, features nights in a quiet park of Thamel the tourist district – before the river journey begins. Its a sense overload, requiring time to explore.

At the take out, we run as standard, a private bus back to Kathmandu, overnight (16+hrs) although a flight is an option, bringing in the great Himalayan views is available.

Pure Land Expeditions is pleased to be able to offer the Sun Kosi not just as a fixed departure but also as private dates. So email now, to see what dates are available. bookings@purelandexpeditions.com

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