Marsyandi, still a great river.

Not so many years ago a dam was placed on one of the classic rivers in Nepal. We feared that we would lose the Marsyandi for good. In part this is true, we have lost some of the magic, but what is left allows for a day or so of amazing river running in the surrounded by white peaks. It is a place that still holds magic, one of the best runs in the world for many people. We have to agree.

Pure Land Expeditions have pleasure to include this on our bespoke Multi River self-support adventure, the fun never stops, the crisp lines never fail, smiles shine. We overnight in a hotel, so this is luxury self-support, no need to carry loaded boats. Day one is full of fun, thrills and spills, from the standard put in at Bhule Bhule, with harder grade water higher up – with the flat lake of the dam saluting us to the take out, its a long day. With time we can run the section again, or venture around the dan to Paundi, a subtle goodbye to the river as it takes us to the highway. The river still holds passion, rapids still amuse and the views are picture perfect.

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