More from Nepal

The rivers still flow and the sun sets on our daily adventure. But we know that we have more, each day, each hour a new adventure. The morning sun warms and our smiles our obvious. This season, whilst not finished, has already brought many trips – enough to light our fires. We have played on the Balephi and Bhote Kosi, adventures on the Sun Kosi our classic expedition always bring smiles. Its a pleasure to view customers gopro footage, Mike Hatton was on our Sun Kosi journey and has shared this short film.

Then it was off to the Marsy, Trisuli and more. Lets not forget the waterfalls at Burundi Khola. What a ride, what a blast on our Multi River self support adventure.

Back to Kathmandu and it is all about looking at maps, looking at new adventures, looking for freedom.

Join us for 2012 adventures, keep an eye open for NEW trip – Arun Gorges, Maroc kayak school and more, we can and will run to your needs.

For the end of 2011 we would also like to welcome our sister company, Elements Adventure in Thamel – Kathmandu. A local company for local needs.

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