Nepal Book

It has been a crazy week, too busy and its only half way gone. Yesterday I sent the day working with Slime (Pete Knowles) at the River Publishing office. Sat around the large office table surrounded by Nepal carpets and ancient images of the Zanskar we looked in great detail at the pictures that will grace the pages of the White Water Nepal, third edition guidebook. This brought many memories and we hope that the new edition will have some of the old classic shots in the final layout.

Its a hard job to get the right number of shots that ‘show’ Nepal in all its glory and some good shots with stories to tell had to be missed. These images included in this blog are just a few of the ones that missed the cut. These images were supplied by Pete,whose shot of Neil from edition 2 show some attractive eye wear. Whilst it is Claire O’s still water on the Sun Kosi and Jim’s snow bound shot that tells us all out expeditions kayak trips. Then we have the steep stuff of the AKC. I think they give a quick flavor of Nepal.

Look at these images makes me want to jump on a plane today, adventure awaits at every corner.

See you in Kathmandu.

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