Keeping dry.

So just imagine, you have been on the river all day, tired you open your dry bag and find that your clothes or worse your sleeping bag is wet. You have had your dry bag on a raft, but the raft has been fighting big waves. Its going to be a wet night.

Perhaps your on a day trip and you’ve placed your sandwiches and phone in a dry bag, secure in your boat. But that inch of water you didn’t empty has found its way past the roll top bag. Wet cheese and pickle and a phone like a sponge.

You wanted to trek in Wales, your day pack has your down jacket in, just in case it get cool. Rain hits hard and your pack is soaked, so is your down.

A simple solution is to put all your gear inside one of these bomber Watershed dry bags. These are great and the ‘must have’ gear for keeping your stuff dry. Why struggle with weaker bags, when a dry set of clothes is a lifesaver.

We offer these bags to all our guests and friends at discount rates, contact us.

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