From the mighty stretches of the Karakorams in the North to the vast delta of the Indus River in the South, Pakistan remains a land of high adventure.

It seems a long time since we looked on in awe at the AK-47s stacked against the wall of the battered and worn general store just opposite the grim truck stop and curry shack. It seems longer still that we drove up towards the high peaks of the Hindu Kush and Karakorum. It seems along time because people have seen Pakistan as a dangerous place, a place no adventure tourist would want to go. Now things are changing and Pakistan is again a welcome place for those on an adventure quest. For us every day at home becomes a precursor to leaving in search of new horizons and Pakistan offers kayakers with a thirst for adventure a golden challenge.

Pure Land Expeditions is proud to invite paddlers to explore the region in Sept 2011 and Sept 2012. We are pleased to offer adventure river trips, designed just for river runner.

Flowing from K2 the powerful and unforgiving river Braldu carves its path every kayakers heart. Where the legacy of Mike Jones who gave his life on this river, 23 Aug 1978, is always and forever an inspiration.

Pakistan is an amazing country, it is the birth place of many civilisations and ancient cultures that still influence the world today. Our tours allow access into this Shangri La of rivers, for a 3 week adventure that will open your eyes to this magical world.

All our Pure Land Expeditions trips in Pakistan are bespoke for small groups. We will spend a day in Pindi getting settled before driving north to the Hindu Kush and Karakorum ranges. We will paddle the Ishkoman river as it cuts the Hindu Kush from the mighty Karakorum ranges, where the scenic river is always a pleasure. Where braided talons of water progressed between class 3 to 4+ until it finally slows at the confluence of the Ghizar river. Futher days will be spent on the Yasin and Ghizar before we explore the Hunza region and the Alpine style Naltar. Lets not forget the Hispar river, where the mouth of the glacier spits cool water in smooth and silky tails. where rapids are class 4 and play waves appear. The old forts of Baltit and Altit sit high on the hill spying our movements before we settle for the Hunza speciality of walnut cake in town of Karimabad. Lets not forget the Hunza river itself a fitting last farewell to the area before our return to Pindi.

If this style of trip seems of interest to you drop us an email since they will not appear on our standard schedules.

See you all soon


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