At the moment, as the sun shines and the bank holiday traffic moves slowly home, I am finding comfort in the memories of rivers run in the past and plans for the future. Its has been many days housed in the many years that I have always dreamed of the next river. I should be content with the exploring that I have done, India. Europe, Pakistan and many more but I suppose thats not the be all and end all.

I just love showing people the delights of the river, the joy of sleeping next to the water as it swirls in flat pools or the thrill of chasing the waves. Our journey here at Pure Land Expeditions has taken us from the creeks of the UK and Europe to the dirt roads of Canada. Along the way we have explored the sunny coast of the UAE and the magic of Tibet. We have run rivers in Kashmir and plotted descents in Alaska. Although it is Nepal that has become our second home.

From wild rivers to guided treks. From the chaos of the markets to the simple chants at the stupas. We are sure that you too will gain more from one of our expeditions than a simple holiday. If you have a dream of exploring just contact us and we can open your eyes to possibilities.

See you soon

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