Venture to new places.

Each expedition that we run allows people the venture to new places. To do things they never believed. To stretch the understanding of the world. Rivers offer the ideal chance for this journey. A start, so obvious yet its the small steps at the begining that set the scene. The pushing off from the safe shore. The middle of the journey. This is the place where the mind races to future games whilst at the same time it settles on the ‘now’. Its a time full of passion and grace. It is often the main reason to journey – to see where the mind takes you and at what speed. The end of the journey. The take out – offers the closure we all crave in this modern world. We have achieved so much as a team, as well as in our hearts and minds.

We have found no other way of interacting with the world that is so focused on self understanding. Each trip can offer a meditation in action. It is a different ride every time, every minute of the day. The expedition brings smiles and memories that are shown again and again in the telling of tales and the wide eyed images on social network sites.

So for now, we will leave you with these images and welcome you to join us, for a journey that will change your perceptions – if you let it.

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