Hook, Book and Secrets

For those of you who have visited the site, www.purelandexpeditions.com over the last week or so you will notice that some things change and some stay the same. Its been a busy time all around. We are busy adding the links to our trusted gear providers and a new page or two to make moving around the site a bit easier.

Since the last post Daz & Slime have been busy putting together the final touches to the Third Edition of WHITE WATER NEPAL to be published by Rivers Publishing. This should be out very soon as the first draft has made it to the publishers already. Just putting the words on a page is like planning another river trip. All the late nights will be worth it.

It will soon be time to pack the bag again and fly to Kathmandu and explore rivers once again. If you ache, like we do, for adventure simply drop us a line, info@purelandexpeditions.com to join any of our trips.

Between hours on the lap top and working via open office the Pyranha fusion has been helping to take some cool lines in Wales. Makes a change from all the Himalayan rivers.

Well thats all for now, just a quick blast- see you all soon.

Daz and the gang and Pure Land Expeditions.

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