Gear for Nepal

As we unpack our bags from the Fall season in Nepal, it seems all too quickly that we will be packing again for our Spring trips.

Whilst every expedition is sent a full kit list we are often asked for more info. Below you will find our suggested gear for Nepal both Spring/Fall seasons, although we are always open to questions.

Most days are hot and the rivers have warm water. Mornings can be cool as the sun may not break the mountain peaks until after 9am. Typical camp gear is shorts, shirt and a small micro fleece. For self support packages please be aware that you will have to carry gear in your kayaks. For Raft Support we are able to carry more gear and equipment.


Kayak, (Although we do hire- see below for 2011 range and prices)
PFD, we suggest one with a pocket
Spare paddle/take apart paddle? (if on self support trip)
Paddle Jacket (although the weather is hot many may wish to use this as a barrier long or short sleeve suitable) although a hybrid style seems to work well.
Thermal top/s
Throw line / Rescue gear (please only pack this gear if you understand its use)
Spray Skirt
Wetsuit/Board shorts/Thermal bottoms?
Dry bags one 30-60ltr to put your sleeping bag etc in whilst on the raft and/or smaller dry bags for all self support expeditions.
River shoes or similar.


Personal Medication/First Aid
Knife (letterman/swiss)
Duct Tape
Rope/Kayak Straps
Wash Kit inc wet wipes/cutica solution, Paclite Towel
Sun glasses and strap, Sun Block, Sun Hat
Wool Hat?
Flash light
Pen, Book/Note Book?
Spare Clothes, inc warm top (such as a fleece or sweat top), trousers/skirt, socks, shirt(s), thermal bottoms? Underwear, Rain jacket? Sport sandals/trainers? Flip-flops? (these are only a guide line).
Sleeping mat, Sleeping bag, 2/3 season, Bivvy bag/Tarp? Camera
Money/ATM card
Passport, visa info, copy of passport and air ticket info
Day pack/dry pack/bum bag for city use?
Water bottle/bladder system,** note all group water is filtered with iodine or via a Katadyn filter**.


Throughout years of use in the Himalaya we have come to trust the products we use, from solo descents to large all inclusive trips. Below is a list of the products that have been proven in the field not just by Daz but also by all our guides.


For the last 10 years Daz has been wearing Teva footwear on all the rivers in both Nepal and India. Raft guides on both the Sun Kosi and Zanskar wear Chaco out of choice. They work well for both treks and river days. At the moment our choice is the Terra Fi or Sun Kosi product, although we are aware other products are on the market. The Chaco version is also praised around the globe and works well as one shoe to do it all.


Due to the nature of the rivers in Asia a PFD does not need to have a rescue harness since its use is of minimal use. Pockets are important for storage of snack food etc. We suggest the Astral Tempo or Peak Guide due to none restrictive design although some of our guides wear the Langer AKC due to its large ‘passport’ pocket.


Dry bags need to be both strong and light, they need to fit well in the stern of the kayak and be able to hold your gear. All PURE LAND EXPEDITIONS staff use HF, Watershed and Alpkit products when possible. The Watershed products with the padded liner are great for fragile items like cameras, we use one for our laptop whilst in transit! Alpkit do drybags that pack small and are suitable as day packs but also for putting in the stern of the kayak if needed. The 20ltr Goudon is used daily. For stern kayak gear we use Watershed.


Paddles that break in the wilderness can cause major problems. It is also suggested that the spare/take apart paddles are of the same standard as your regular paddles. We use Werner take apart paddles and can also hire high quality take apart paddles to the group including Tywarp, Robson and Rough Stuff. It is suggested that the group has a spare set of paddles between every three members. Although your guide will also carry a set.


A self inflating mattress is a great way to settle for the night, we use the THERMAREST, ALPKIT or EXPED range depending upon trip length. We are very wary of down filled sleeping bags as they are damaged when wet, (Grangers do a product to wash wet down) we use synthetic products with Gore-Tex or Pertex outer when possible. Our down bags are only used in Alaska and North India. During the spring Nepal season one of our guides sleeps in his thermals and no sleeping bag! Tarps make nice shelters but take up a lot of space. They can be nice and cheap or expensive with all bells and whistles.



If you are uncertain about flying with kayaks why not take advantage of our hire fleet.

New kayaks to our fleet include.
Everest, Karnali (m), Burn (m) and playboats Varun (m) and Loki.

These new additions compliment the other rentals available.

Rental rates start at 10 Dollar (USA) for older boats and we charge 25 per day for new designs. For example a new BURN or EVEREST is 25 , an old burn is 20 and an old H2 is 10.

Liquid Logic
Gus, x3 (10,20)
Grande Jefe, (25)
Jefe (25)

Salto (15)
Evo (25)

H2 (255) x2 (10)
Old style Burn s,m,l (20)
Everest x4 (25)
Burn (m) (25)
Karnali (m) (25)
Loki (m) (25)
Varun (m) (25)

Nomad (8.1, 8.5) (25)
Mamba (8) (25)

We are also able to hire helmets, pfds, skirts and paddles.

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