Not too many days left in the UK and then its off to Nepal…..Sun Kosi time.

Along with our schedule trips we have also got some great bespoke packages, just like the one below.




Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (optional)
Up on arrival in Kathmandu, met by representative of PURE LAND EXPEDITIONS and transfer to hotel in Kathmandu. Time to explore the chaotic capital. Overnight Kathmandu.

Day 2: Arrival in Kathmandu (second arrival)
This is our shake down day, we will leave Kathmandu following an early breakfast and head to the lower section of the Upper Bhote Kosi, we will leave our sleeping gear at our riverside resort before paddling the river from the marker at km95 down to the dam at Lamasangu. This section has some classic class 4/4+ sections. We will spend the night at our resort.

Day 3: Kathmandu to Bhote Kosi
After breakfast we will set off up the valley towards Tibet. We will launch our kayaks below the ‘Jonah’ rapid and enjoy the style of this steep technical river. After our descent we will enjoy cool beers at our resort before heading back to our Kathmandu hotel.

Day 4: Upper Bhote Kosi
After breakfast we will load our private plane and set off on our scenic flight toward Tumlingtar and our Airstrip in the sky. We will stay the night at a local lodge and enjoy the last taste of civilisation, how ever minor.

Day 5: Journey to Tumlingtar
At Tumlingtar we will hire porters for our 4 day walk to Headanga bridge just outside Num.
Our trek takes us deep into the Himalayan foothills. This is truly an expedition and we will be immersed in the local communities. We will settle for the night at a local lodge

Day 6: Day One, Trek
After our rested night we will continue walking along the trail. With each step we will be going deeper into the Bhotie people and will see how they still practice the ancient Bon religion.

Day 7: Day Two, Trek
The trail climbs steep and at time we will be breathless. We will take our time to settle into the trek enjoying local communities and engaging vistas. Tonight we will rest in a local tea house and eat our fill of local curry.

Day 8: Day Three, Trek
This is our last day of the trek and we will look over to Kanchenjunga and Makalau. Our cameras will be in constant use as we look on in awe at the majestic mountains. We will rest for the night in Num and rest.

Day 9: Day Four, Trek
Following breakfast we will take a short trek an hour so to the bride near the border with Nepal and Tibet. We will surrounded by Bhotie hill people. Fully aware that this is a real expedition. We will paddle a short section today under 10 miles and camp for the night on the river near the Ipsuwa Khola.

Day 10: Day One, Kayak
Following our breakfast we will launch again into the challenging water, taking our time to portage the most dangerous rapids. We will paddle around 14 miles today again settling for the night at the side of the river.

Day 11: Day Two, Kayak
Waking slowly we will enjoy a breakfast of substance and make our way down this mighty river. We will portage the most sections of the day. Sleeping bags and a cozy night on the beach will be welcome we will descend around 8 miles today stopping near Tumlingtar for the night. We will walk for around 20 minutes from the river to sample the delights of this hill station. At Tumlingtar we will re-supply with food.

Day 12: Day Three, Kayak
After a hearty breakfast we will set off. The river loosing some of its ‘fire in the belly’ with spacious rapids it will be a delight. Again we will settle the night on the beach and dreams will come easy.

Day 13: Day Four, Kayak
A wide expansive beach will be our aim today, full of joy at having made the descent we will cruise the class 4 rapids.

Day 14: Day Five, Kayak
We will be paddling the section from the village of Raighat towards Chatra on the Sapta Kosi. Relaxing we will be amazed as the hills fade away and we head towards India and our private transport. Our private transport will take us back to Kathmandu and our Hotel. The journey will take around 16 hrs, although a flight back is also an option.

Day 15: Day Six, Kayak
After breakfast it is time to relax and think about the experiences and the river living life. Kathmandu is a maze of Hindu and Buddhist temples and those that wish to experience this are welcome to guided tour. This is our last time to laugh with our new friends as departures to host country take place tomorrow.

Day 16:
Shopping and sights and afternoon departure to ‘Host country‘.

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