Over the last few days I have been charging the rivers in the FUSION. Whilst many think that its a long boat and will not perform, I have to say this is simply not the case. I have had it on my local river in Wales and it makes all the same moves as the Everest. The Fusion is shorter than the 1st boat I ever owned and getting in it its just like a trip down memory lane.

As the name suggests, the Pyranha Fusion is a cross-over kayak which allows the paddler to enjoy two great areas of paddle sport, white water and touring.
Super stable, fast and easy to paddle, the Fusion gives you the freedom to choose from some fun whitewater or checking out some estuaries or a sheltered bay.
The tried and tested Pyranha skeg system adds a great feature allowing you to track in a straight line and the drag reducing skeg box allows the water to flow straight out of the stern of the kayak.

I think this boat will be used for many trips, on many rivers.


Some of you are having issues with the booking form on the website and we hope to have these fixed soon, but the gremlins in the server are hard to find. Please feel free to email us direct about the schedule or your needs for a bespoke package. We will be happy to show you around India, Nepal and indeed Europe with cost and packages to suit.

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