This time 12 months ago a strange thing happened…

It had been just another day in Wales, some of my boating buddies had gone to Nepal then Laos on a mission. Those that we left in Wales were either working or suffering from major injuries. It had rained over the night and the last few days had been wet but with no one to paddle with I figured a scounting mission would be in order.

Taking our dog (Cai) I set off to walk down the side of the secret slabs. These slabs had been scouted and for all of living memory hypothetically run. I had no desire to kayak today. It was simply a day of ‘looking’.

As Cai and I walked along the bank I could just see a line on the river right. Cai had a quick walk that day as after changing into full armour I placed Cai in my van and dragged my boat to the lip. Alone in this wind swept gully a choice on the side of caution saw me setting a seal launch after the first rock dump.

It was fast from the off, slide to the right-bounce off the wall-boof left then cut right-wall slide middle gutter, final boof, eddy right. A long climb back to the road a boat stashed in the trees and a walk to the van.

No this was neither sensible or withou caution but I made the line, happy and content. I few days later I ventured up the Cwm Llan, it was a week of putting stress markes in the hull of my boat! Well Cai doesnt have the ability to take images, so the text here will have to do.

Well the rain is upon us one again and I am looking into further shallow landings

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