With wide eyes the bus set off from the airport and took you to the base at the hotel in Thamel, in Kathmandu Nepal. Following a day of seeing the sights buying clothes and getting into the Nepal vibe we set off from Kathmandu towards Pokhara but first a stop was called for and an introduction to Himalayan white water with a long day on the Trisuli river.
Following our night camp we set off again for the joy of the Trisuli, in the afternoon we set off for the Seti and our first taste of carrying camp gear in our kayaks. With heavy loads we camped and cooked on star fires. Filling our belly with yogi stew. Another day on the water followed and an early afternoon camp. Where we swan in the warm water and managed some quick roll drills. We ate our first taste of dhall bhat in the village before sleeping under the Himalayan night. Following a breakfast cooked on a star fire we settled into the river again and our journey to join the coffee pot mayhem at the Trisuli confluence. Quickly we were off to Pokhara and our hotel but we did not have time to waste. In the morning we set off with haste, taking down a power line on our way to the Modi Khola and hence forth the Kali GandakI. The Modi gave use some fun eddy scouting and some enjoyable low volume river running whilst the Kali open our eyes to must make moves with Big and Little Brother rapids taking a hit from the off. Our three days in this journey of discovery ended with a small party in the baking sun at the takeout. Up next, whilst some rested, was the quick play run of the upper Seti. A relaxed afternoon at lakeside followed before our morning ride to the Marsyandi .The dirt road bounced our bones as we drove to Bhule Bhule and our first taste of read and run class 4+ rapids. Time and again they hit us head on. At night we camped at Khude awaiting the second day of fun. The second day with rapid after rapid took us past the small samosa shack and the funeral ghats as we paddled towards Paundi. Waves crashed left and right but we held on well, our dreams will be forever filled with these memories. Paundi with the small tea house treated us well as we camped next to the Shiva temple.
Our final day on the Marsy saw some nice under cuts and some large holes, pushing all the way to our take out at Tuture. With some swims and some scouting our paddling would never be the same again. The journey back was full of sing song madness with a fuel of Red Bull and Vodka. Following our time in the chaotic capital we set off towards the Bhote Kosi, but this was not to be. Our final goal would be denied due to a road blockade just outside Dhulikel. After working through the options we drove to Fishling. We had come full circle and enjoyed the waves and stoppers that the Trisuli river offered us. Our final night saw a feast of Yogi Stew and fresh goat cooked over an open fire. Egg butties and filter coffee in the morning and we were back in Kathmandu quicker than expected. Tired we told tales of terror as we said goodbye to our new friends and got set to fly home.

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