OK gang just figured that you would love to see what adventures fuel our lives…just imagine what can we do for you…

Now we are looking forward to out self support trips in Nepal. We alreadyhave a ‘closed’ expedition in April Arriving in Kathmandu on 4th for 16 days. Althjough we have availability before and after this date. contact for dates and schedules.

This trip is going to be a blast. Running rivers, buying from local communities and running wild Himalayan rivers. The trip cost is £600 with an additional ‘kitty’ allowance during the trip. A sample of the schedule is below;

1 Arrive in kathmandu – stay Hotel

2 Trip overview, expedition planning-stay Hotel

3 Leave Kathmandu, Kayak Trisuli-stay tea house

4 Arrive Seti river and start descent-Camp

5 Seti River-Camp

6 Seti river take out and then Pokhara-Hotel

7 Relaxed Breakfast then drive to Birthithanti-tea house

8 Lower Modi to Kumsa – tea house

9 Kali Gandaki-camp

10 Kali Gandaki-camp

11 Kali Gandaki-Hotel in Pokhara

12 Trek to Madi Khola-camp/tea house

13 Madi Khola-Camp

14 Madi Khola-Camp

15 Madi Khola reft to Kathmandu

16 Leave for host country

hope you enjoy.


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